Why for example, if 5 or 12 volts fall below the allowable limit, it will damage the DVD-RW, the hard disk or other components. So a power failure can lead to a failure of another component. These faults are chained and not independent of each other. At 007 Pc Service we always perform a complete diagnosis on your tower, even in the simplest faults. Our purpose is to ensure that other spare parts are not adversely affected. We check each component if it has lost its performance and if it can withstand a large workload. do we run diagnostics on functional parts of your pc? All the spare parts of your desktop pc are directly dependent on each other. If any of these are defective, they may adversely affect the life of another component. A classic example is power supplies. Although they appear to be working, they may give incomplete or excess power to other components of your computer.
It is very important to know this before proceeding with any repair. Diagnosing your PC at 007 Pc Service is completely free if you make any repairs. The only case where the diagnosis is charged 20 €, is if for some reason you decide not to make any repairs.

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