Unfortunately, most computer problems today are caused by malicious programs (viruses, spywares, trojans) that have invaded our computer due to our carelessness or through a security vulnerability in our operating system.

The problems that usually occur during the operation of the computer are:
Our computer is slow to start and its speed has slowed down due to running unwanted programs.
Antivirus does not work.
Suddenly new "windows" open where we work without our will.
Ads are displayed on our screen.
Our computer is constantly "asking" to connect to the Internet, without us wanting to connect to it.
We received a strange mail message from a person known or unknown to us with a strange attachment.
An acquaintance or friend received a strange e-mail from us.
We can not "run" some programs or when we "run" them there are problems in their operation.
We can not "run" the "Task manager" application of Windows or view the registry of our computer.
Files have been lost through our computer.
007 Pc Service will detect and remove any viruses and spyware on your computer.
We will repair any damage caused by viruses to your operating system (Windows) or your files.

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